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Let's grow the dreams together.

With 15+ years of experience in the industry, UCO always feels excited to be a creative solution partner and consultor - for brands with vision and startups with dreams.





We are a team of talented individuals, each with deep digital experience ranging from 10 to 20 years. We love going the extra mile, uncovering the unknown, reaching untapped geographies, diving into projects that give us challenges beyond our imagination. This is what makes us both global and universal. We enjoy all the benefits of our long-lasting close collaboration; and we always feel excited to meet new dreamers, with whom we can share our talent and experiences.

We are dedicated to improving and we believe there is no border for creativity. In the new digital life, where the world is smaller than ever, it doesn’t matter where your location is. Common synergy and collective vision are the only things we need to bring your project to life.

So don't hesitate to contact us and let's see what we can do for your dreams to come true!

Cihan ESEN

  • From Past to Today
    UCO was established in Ankara, Turkey in 2008 as a production and photography agency and turned into a versatile creative agency over time. UCO worked with many valuable brands, important state agencies and entreprises in time and gained priceless experiences. With the developing demands and needs after 2015, UCO totally digitalized its business model and positioned itself to take part in global and online projects, especially in the field of software development, animation, design and branding. And now, UCO feels proud to grow up its EU company in Tallinn, Estonia by sharing its experiences with new clients and startups from different countries and adding value to their ideas and projects.
  • Why "UCO"?
    When we first founded UCO, we had a dream to build a roof for creative talents, where people could show their free soul, work with a peace-of-mind, without feeling the pressures of an office environment that would impose a somewhat hierarchical system. This was a unique online vision, perceived as being ``from out of space`` 15 years ago. It gave us the flexibility to develop projects in such a collective way, that it was hard to identify one creator. So, we named our company using the first letters of the words Unidentified Creating Objects (UCO).

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proudly worked with

A. Polat | Founder, LOKI

In the development and branding period of our startup, we learned a lot from UCO's versatile experiences and always felt safe to have them behind us.



Sepapaja tn 6, Lasnamäe linnaosa,
Tallinn 15551, Estonia

VAT No. EE102057171
Reg. Code 14454555

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